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USA. U.S.A. United States of America. They call already own country just as "America", though it's name of continent. But most of Americans don't learn geography. They think, that Georgia - it's only one of american states, and don't know - it's such country in Eastern Europe. They think, that Beathoven - it's from a film for the kids. You can ask me - why then use you English? It's language of USA! Not! I use the language of British poets, writers. I use English, not American. "USA" - this sign you can see anywhere. In MacDonalds in your city, almost in each film, that you see in TV. USA, USA, USA - it's in every point of Earth. I think, that most insult for American will be if you ask American - "USA? Where's it? I don't know such country", than if you will cry "F USA!" or something else. USA try to dominate anywhere. Sometimes they use a money to eliminate own enemy (everybody, who don't agree completely with USA - is USA-enemy), sometimes they use own army to kill these people. Sometimes they try to hide such operations. Sometimes they show a war against one of poor country on TV. They bomb the enemy - the soldiers and civil population, from big height, and people of attacked country can only cry and damn all Americans. They try show all their power on TV. "See - how we're strong and crazy. And agree always with us, or .... we'll use our bombs against you" Indians, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Philippines, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Panama, Yugoslavia, Korea, Vietnam - who will be next? If American can't stop themselves - somebody must stop them. American has some myths. 1) Everybody in USA has a possibility to earn millions. It's a lie. Not Americans earn money. They use millions of workers in Asia, South American. Almost 20 years almost all factories in USA are closed. Americans use clothes, made in China, see TV, made in Malaysia, make the photos of Paris by using Kodak-camera, that made in Thailand. Even if you see a label "made in U.S.A" - its could just a situation of main office, there work only clerks, but all factories are already outside USA. If somebody could close all American border only for 3 years - USA die out. And not everybody can earn a million. If you can to be more artful, more dishonourable. If you can lie every day with a smile on the face in the time, while you speak with villain - you'll be a rich man. USA - it's a country of big possibilities .... for the liars. The big money you couldn't to earn by own hand. You must be more lying than another people - you'll have big possibility in the countruy of the liars. 2) USA - it's most freedom country. It's a lie. Yes, the gays, lesbo, the satanists etc - all they fill themselves very good in USA. But try say something wrong about USA - and you'll see a result. Why they respect the gays, lesbo, satanist - because they are same. California - it's a land of the gay, lesbo. Hate I gays? No. Respect I gays? No. I think, that these people must be treated and the children must be protected from any propoganda of gay's style of life. Almost in each second film American film you can see the gay. And they are always the good guy. It's possible to show as a villain a man, a women, a child. Negro, asiat, white human, but not gay. Freedom is only for Americans. If you're foreigner - you could be arrested in any time and deported in 24 hours. Freedom is only for citizen of USA and not in every area. 1950-1960 years its show already. 3) USA - the richest country in the world, because the American works more that anywhere. It's a lie. USA earned a lot of money in the time of two World War. Most of time they were neutral and earn money on people's misfortunes and troubles. They don't help people for a free. All time they give money only for a time and for these money you must to buy American goods. But it was earlier. Not Americans haven't even own goods. They sell Chinese goods, Taiwan goods. If you see a lot of American films - you can see - how earn American the money. If main actor of the film isn't policemen, soldier, fireman, robber or plastic surgeon - he's clerk. To be a clerk - that it's the main profession of Americans. They're sitting at the computer and make a lot of financial report for a chief. They don't produce anything, they sell and buy the shares of American and foreign companies. They don't produce anything, but they use a lot of goods. They (or their wives) go to supermarket und buy, buy, buy. Almost all wives don't work. It's so hard - to be housewife! To send one children to the school on school bus and wash two dishes. Whole days the wives stay at home, watch TV, call to their friends, go to fitness-club. As they stay whole day at home and do nothing - they're too fat and thick. Yes, in films all actors and actresses are athletic, but not in the life. 28 % of Americans suffer from obesity. It's information from American newspapers. 4) In USA is the best educational system all over the world. It's a lie. Only 97 % of Americans can write and read. So, even if we believe to this information - USA is on 69th place in the world in the field of literacy. But, even in USA many people already talk about wrong system of education in USA. Most of children from poor families (especially - Afro-American, Latin etc) can only a bit to read and can't write. But, as they finished the school - they are considered as people who have total literacy. But it's lie! Most of American children don't read the books. They watch TV-channel 5-8 hours in the days. They don't know geography (45% of American pupils couldn't name all continents), history (in last poll 54 % of American pupil said, that USA in WWII was at war against Russia). They don't know math. Only 24 % of pupils can count without calculator! It's information from american ministry of education. 5) USA - it's a land of brave people. It's a lie. American name as "hero" almost anybody. You take a cat from tree? Oh, you're hero! You fly by airplain after 11th. September? You're hero! You was in captivity in Iraq, Vietnam (its mean just that you got frightened to die as REAL HERO with weapon in the hands)? You're SUPERHERO! The pilot, that bomb the poor country from big height and can't be attacked, because the force in this land hasn't such weapon - this crazy killer, that kill hundreds civil people. And American name such killer as national hero. If American try to make a war without bombing - they lose. In Samolia elite troops of US-Navy were killed by illiterate inhabitants, that have only old weapon in the hand. Only one American can to make a bomb and blow up it in Oklohoma-city and FBI and CIA couldn't stop he. 11 Arabs made most terrible terrorist attack in the history, but FBI, CIA, US-Army - they were powerless to stop them. But American soldiers and policemen win always... in the Hollywoods films ;-). Why could the terrorists to make it? Because American aren't the brave people. They're cowards. They've too many money, fine houses, new cars and they afraid all time to lose it. All time on TV they say "If you see bandits, terrorists - don't stop they. Let it make a police. Be not hero" - that they said. 6) USA help all poor countries for a free, just because Americans want to help them. It's a lie.

Family Reunion Preparation

Get ready for the upcoming family reunion! It's at Aunt Bertie's this year, so bring your bowling gear and your swimsuits. Also be thinking of which family member could be the following trees in the family grove: the nut tree, the fruity tree, the shady tress, the tree with the most bark, or the evergreen.

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